Flarestack inspection helicopter (Video)

A new service of our NDT department. Pre-inspection of a flarestack with a remote operated helicopter.
Helicopter? Remote operated? Yes indeed. This is an ideal solution for the inspection of flarestacks by taking high resolution photo’s. This pre-inspection provides our customer a global but satisfying insight in the structures of the stack. With this information they can plan repairs for the next shutdown. 

During this inspection our team composition is:
NDT level 3: He indicates which (critical) point should be photographed and makes up the official NDT report.
Heli operator: Operator and specialist of the remote operated helicopter.
Photo/video operator: He is responsible for the good quality of all photo/ video images.

During the coming shutdown Rope Access Group will do a close inspection of the stack with rope access techniques. Also we will grease up the tension cables.