Rope Access: Maintenance, Installation and NDO

The application of rope access techniques is a very safe, efficient and often cost-effective way to tackle access problems that arise due to height, depth and/or confined spaces.

Rope Access Group can execute the task independently, in cooperation with specialised (sub-) contractors or solely with regard to safety and access issues.

Rope Access Group BV can execute many different tasks by means of rope access:

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Blasting and preservation
  • Construction & Installation  welding, grinding, etc.
  • Maintenance, assembly and disassembly
  • Lifting and rigging
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Vacuum cleaning, high-pressure cleaning etc.
  • Work in confined space
  • Ex-zones, working with (independent) respiratory PPE
  • Training and consultancy

We are happy to inform you about the possibilities at your worksite. Please feel free to contact us!

Stand-by Rescue

By utilising rope access and rope techniques, our rescue team can quickly reach the casualty, provide first aid and safe transportation.  We can be on standby during a stop or turn-around or for a specific critical activity where you require a rescue team on standby. In addition, before the start of work we can consult on where there are bottlenecks with regard to possible (fall)dangers and the consequences for a possible rescue.

Our rescue team members are IRATA certified and have a rescue training level 1, 2, or 3. Each team is accompanied by a Big registered nurse.

The Rope Access Group provides supervision and support during work executed at height or when fall protection is being utilised at difficult to access places. When notified of an incident, our specialists can act immediately. Such incidents could include:

  • Rescue of a person in fall protection after a fall.
  • Evacuation of persons at height, for example in a blocked facade lift or man basket.
  • Rescue of persons from powerlines, telecom masts, wind turbines or industrial chimneys
  • The transportation of casualties where a ‘aerial platform’ or crane cannot be used.
  • One of the most high-risk rescues is from confined such as storage tanks and silos. In these dangerous situations, the small entrances make exiting and rescuing the casualty increasingly more difficult.

The Rope Access Group rescue team can be deployed when:

  • There needs to be supervision whilst entering
  • Entering spaces in which independent breathing air is required
  • Enclosed spaces are complex, and the casualty must be moved and rescued using rope techniques.


The Rope Access Group is specialised in the development and supervision of training, work and rescue at heights and in confined spaces. Based on your specific needs, a training program is built that meets all requirements. Our specialists are aware of the latest developments, insights, techniques and materials.


We organise exercises in order to test the knowledge and skills acquired by your employees.

Cases in the workplace guarantee practical learning experiences.  The diversity of our specialists enables us to work in a multidisciplinary manner. For example, during an exercise in a confined space, we pay attention to the exploration, planning and application of safety and rescue techniques, but also to the medical aspects of the approach to the casualty.

Further and additional/routine training

Further and regular training is essential when it comes to operating safely. Insights, techniques and resources are constantly changing. In order to keep our knowledge up to date and enrich it with the latest developments, we provide additional training courses from half a day to several days.

Workshops and masterclasses

For experienced persons and groups, the Rope Access Group provides workshops and master classes in which specific topics, techniques or methods with respect to height, depth, rescue and safety are reviewed.


The Rope Access Group writes manuals and handouts focused on the application of techniques within your organisation. Our trainers develop and provide training tailored to your requirements.