About Rope Access Group BV

In 2009 two rope access companies and an NDT company combined their forces and started the Rope Access Group BV.

By combining years of specialised experience in both Rope Access as well as NDT inspections, Rope Access Group BV is able to offer a solution for each project, to meet the requirements laid out by the client. In practice this could mean shorter lead times, increased flexibility and last but not least, cost savings in comparison to the traditional access methods.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with high standard rope access and NDT services. Suitably qualified personnel for the job, flexibility, clear and fast communication but above all, safety whilst carrying out our projects.

What is Rope Access

Rope access is an alternative and safer technique employed to reach and access places which would otherwise be difficult to access if convectional systems such as scaffolding, man baskets or aerial platforms were to be used. To gain access, abseiling techniques are used in combination with work positioning- and fall protection materials.

A rope access system always consists of two separately anchored ropes. The work rope allows the rope access technician to access reach the workplace and the second rope acts as an backup rope.

Rope access should only be performed after a thorough industrial climbing training, with emphasis on rescue procedures, and an independent examination. The IRATA training system is used worldwide for this purpose. IRATA rules and guidelines comply with the European ‘Working at Height’ guidelines. Modern, safe and certified descend, ascent and fall protection equipment is used for this.

The following activities could be performed with Rope Access:

  • Inspections, tests and measurements
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Installation
  • Cleaning and paintwork
  • Training and rescue

Advantages of Rope Access techniques

  • Quick installation and (de)rigging of access system
  • No open area needed, also suitable for work above water
  • no extra administration or permits required
  • Minimal disturbance to surroundings, traffic, business processes, local residents and pedestrians
  • Efficient, cost-effective and time saving; one company organises access and execution of work
  • Safe and practical solutions at every height or depth


The safety of ourselves and others is of a high priority at Rope Access Group BV.

Risk assessments are therefore part of our routine tasks. IRATA guidelines and the IRATA International Code of Practice are used in conjunction with Dutch VCA guidelines.
They have already proven their efficiency with very positive accident statistics. When compared to other industries, incident frequencies with the application of rope access are significantly lower.

By evaluating all our jobs and tasks we maintain the highest level of safety and quality for our clients. All our employees have at least a valid personal VCA and IRATA certificate.
The internal procedures of the Rope Access Group BV encompass all possible work situations such as, “hot work”, working in confined spaces, working with tools, etc. These procedures are taught through internal training.

Rope Access Group BV is VCA & IRATA certified.